About us

The Association of the Australian Mathematics Students (AAMS) is a student-run association aiming to provide support to mathematics students in their studies and research and to facilitate their personal growth as mathematicians. We were established only recently, in December 2023, at the 67th annual meeting of the Australian Mathematics Society (AustMS) as a body within the AustMS whose priority is the representation of students within the broader society. With our over 400 members, we hope to foster a supportive and inclusive environment for mathematics students across all of Australia.


AAMS places a strong emphasis on building a sense of community among mathematics students across Australia. We organise an annual conference, hosted at a different Australian university each year, where all students in mathematics, statistics, and adjacent fields are welcome to attend. The plenary speakers at this event are the winners of the prestigious Bernhard Neumann Prize from the preceding Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematics Society and students are encouraged at the event to give a speech on their research to a broad and supportive group of their mathematical peers. Additionally, we run a discord server that allows students from across Australia to connect with other students to receive immediate support from more experienced members of the community and to socialise and collaborate with friends across the country.


Central to AAMS's mission is providing comprehensive support to students in their studies and research. Recognising the challenges that come with studying in such a complex and technical field as mathematics, AAMS plans to offer a range of resources designed to assist students at various stages of their academic journey. These include:



With the support of our members and the AustMS, AAMS hopes to empower students with the knowledge, skills, and support necessary to excel in their academic and research endeavours. We also hope to strengthen and grow the already vibrant Australian student community and foster personal growth, innovative thinking, and a lifelong passion for mathematics.